Agent-based Pandemic Simulation in Godot

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Hey folks,

I’d like to share my simple pandemic / COVID-19 simulation with you. I did this for a little presentation about simulations of real-life events with game engines.

This simulation was inspired by this project.

I decided to implement a similar, but 3D agent-based simulation of pandemic scenarios in the Godot game engine. This simulation could be used for a microscopical approach to analyze COVID-19.

  • green colored agent:
  • red colored: infected, can infect other agents
  • blue colored: cured
  • black colored: dead
Pandemic Sim in Godot

One can vary the number of agents, the ratio of infections and of course the environment.

My idea is to add a second collision shape to each agent, which is bigger than the agent itself. So you can create some kind of a region in which the infection might have an effect (e. g. 1.5 meters). Currently, the agents infect each others due to collisions. To create some kind of entropy, the agents bounce randomly when hitting a wall or another agent.

You can find the project here.

Feel free to fork and adjust things!